May ’17

I haven’t had the time to post any recent monthly playlists. Therefore since I decided to make one long one, and that is the “May ’17” playlist.

In this playlist I wanted to include some of the songs that I have been listening to lately. It’s not going to be posted on 8tracks, but I will do my best to post new playlists somewhere in the future.

May ’17

– “Campus” by Vampire Weekend
– “Skool” by San Cisco
– “Go for it” by CRUISR
– “Stay” by Vinyl Theatre
– “Hometown” by Twenty One Pilots
– “Someday” by The Strokes
– “I wanna get better” by Bleachers
– “Seventeen” by Marina and The Diamonds
– “Learn to trust” by Bad Suns
– “Flaws” by Bastille
– “The New Originals” by Wayfarers
– “What Am I Becoming?” by POP ETC
– “Now” by Joywave
– “Silver Lining” by GUARDS
– “Get You Out” by Patternist
– “Be Apart” by Porches

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